Company History

It all started with a lifestyle block located in Taupaki,  West Auckland, New Zealand.  The owners had a farming background and were interested in planting a number of different tree varieties that had the potential to produce an income stream in future years.  Having joined the local New Zealand Tree Crops Association, one of its members recommended trialling the melaleuca alternifolia  - the Australia tea tree.

In the early 1990’s a small planting of tea tree was established.  Tea tree leaf was harvested and the oil was distilled.  The question was however, did the oil meet the Australian and International Standard specifications, as this was paramount to long term commercial success.  The resulting analysis proved that indeed tea tree grown in West Auckland did meet this standard. 

Further research was carried out with several trips to Australia to forge relationships with a number of the key players in growing, manufacturing and research industries.  It was quickly realised that sustainable commercial success lay in adding value to the oil rather than just sell it as a commodity.

In association with a organic chemist based in Sydney Australia, the CBE brand of 32 natural body care products were developed and marketed in New Zealand.  During one of the many visits to pharmacy and health shops required to establish a market presence, one astute pharmacist commented – “what does the brand “CBE” stand for – the brand should reflect the product”.

In 1996 a new company was established with a new brand name to reflect what the product range was all about – Tea Tree Manor.  Today the company is now relocated its warehouse and manufacturing facility in the Ararimu Valley, near Waimauku, North West Auckland, New Zealand.


Tea Tree Manor is proud to be part of the growing natural health and product renaissance. The Tea Tree Manor brand continues to develop an ever creasing range of Tea Tree Oil based products of personal, household and animal use.
Since you are now reading this “About Us” on this website, Tea Tree Manor Ltd has again evolved to www.naturesremedies.co.nz to allow greater diversity in its natural product range in the future.

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Our Commitment to You

All of Tea Tree Manor natural skin care products are designed to correct imbalances in the skin, thereby maintaining a youthful and healthy skin.  The products come from nature and are specially formulated for all skin types.  All of Tea Tree Manors products are made to exacting standards of purity and quality and of cause, animal testing methods are not employed at any stage of the development or production the products.  Each product’s tea tree oil content has been matched to its particular purpose.  Other appropriate essential oils and extracts are blended with the tea tree oil to maximise the products effectiveness in their different roles.

We offer a 100% money back guarantee, if you are not totally satisfied with our products.
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Benefits of Tea Tree Oil as a Natural Health Remedy

Treat – to treat an existing problem
Prevent – to prevent a problem from arising
Maintain – to maintain a healthy well bringing


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