Benefits of Tea Tree Oil as a Natural Health Remedy

Is this quote real or just quackery?
 “ the medicine cabinet in a bottle”.

The story goes back thousands of years to a time when the Australian Aborigines learned to prize the native Melaleuca tree.  They found by pressing the leaves, a oil with a remarkable ability to heal, sooth and disinfect was obtained.
The therapeutic properties of Tea Tree Oil were first documented in the 1920’s.  After the Second World War however there was a great interest in the development of antibiotics and synthetic antiseptics.  Natural plants sourced extracts like tea tree oil were deemed to be “old fashion” and natural essential oils such as tea tree oil all but disappeared from medicine cabinets and first aid kits.


In recent times, there has been a worldwide swing back to natural based products, as people increasingly demand natural based products in preference to petro-chemical based synthetic derivatives and so called pseudo-natural products.   The health benefits of the Australian tea tree are now well documented with detailed research conducted throughout the world.  From the days of the “bush-cutters” with very little annual oil production, larger commercial organisations and intensive farming methods have been developed in Australia in order to meet the growing demand for the oil.  Demand grew from 200 tonnes in 1996 to over 7,000 tonnes in the early 2000’s.

Now there are commercial plantations of tea tree oil in South Africa and China with numerous small plantings in other parts of the world.

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