Head lice Info Sheet


Initial Detection
  • An itchy scalp is usually the first sign that head lice are present.
  • To confirm the presence of lice – use a normal comb to detangle the hair, followed by the NitWizz fine toothed lice comb.
  • Lice and eggs (nits) are easier to see if combings are wiped onto a white tissue.
  • If lice and eggs (nits) are detected then follow instructions for the Treatment techniques outlined below.

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BREAK THE CYCLE ...  3 steps ... 3 times ... 3 weeks
Step 1 – TREAT
Quick and Safe.   Head lice live in the hair and feed by sucking blood from the scalp.  So the head lice formulation must make contact to all parts of the hair. 
  • Apply NitWizz Natural Headlice Treatment Shampoo to all areas of hair from roots to tips.
  • Use the least amount of water possible.
  • Use an ordinary comb to carry formulation up the hair shaft to tip.
  • Cover with a shower cap and leave the preparation on the hair for at least 15 minutes.
  • Rinse and condition as usual.

This treatment removes the adult climbers.  Repeat the treatment in 7 daysto remove the juvenile lice which have hatched from the eggs over the intervening 6 days.    After a further 7 days,  repeat the detection process to establish if further treatment is necessary. 
Recheck in a further 7 days.   Repeat every 7 days as necessary.   
Put a reminder in your calendar or phone to maximize your opportunity to break the cycle.
In between shampoo treatments use NitWizz Combing Conditioner (Step 2) to rid hair of Lice, eggs (nits) and newly hatched Juveniles.
Step 2 – COMB
Simple and thorough.  It is widely thought that Conditioner stuns head lice by blocking their respiratory tracts.  
  • Apply a generous amount of NitWizz Combing Conditioner to dry hair and massage well, particularly near the scalp.
  • Cover with a shower cap and leave the preparation on the hair for at least 15 minutes.
  • Divide hair into sections. With the comb supplied, start at the scalp and comb out eggs (nits) and lice. Wipe content onto a tissue to check content.
  • Continue to comb out all sections of the hair until completed. Rinse hair thoroughly with warm water.
  • NitWizz Combing Conditioner can also be applied to wet hair after using NitWizz Shampoo.
If you are satisfied that infestation has been removed, usually after 3 weeks, you may like to establish a preventative strategy to defend against re infestation. 
Step 3 - DEFEND
Fast and  effective.   A preventative strategy will defend against further reinfestation.  This is particularly recommended if there are on-going cases of head lice in your child’s class or peer group. 
NitWizz Gel
Apply a generous amount of NitWizz Gel into the palm of your hand.  Massage it through the hair, down to the scalp.  Ensure that all hair strands are covered with a layer of NitWizz Gel.  Leave in hair for the duration of the day and rinse thoroughly when having a bath or shower. 
NitWizz Spray
Apply at least 6 sprays to dry hair per application once a day.  Make sure to also spray behind the ears and the base of the neck.
The NitWizz Spray can be used as an initial knockout and as protection when applied on pillow, hats, clothing and bedding.
Regular use of Tea tree oil based Shampoo*  also acts as a deterrent for head lice re infestation.
*See list of Tea Tree based products available from Tea Tree Manor online.  click here

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