Buzz through winter with a daily dose of East Cape Manuka Honey!

With winter almost upon us – and it looks like it’s going to be a chilly one – now is the perfect time to give your immune system a boost.
Here are a few simple tips on keeping your body in optimum health:

  1. Eat five cups of fruit and veges every day or create a delicious smoothie to help with your intake. Abundant with essential vitamins and minerals, a decent daily portion of fruit and vegetables is essential to wellbeing.
  2. Exercise. Aim for 30 minutes a day, but even a 10 minute walk will help oxygenate your blood and boost your fitness level.
  3. Reduce stress. Stress has a negative impact on the immune system. Make relaxation a part of your daily regime – whether it’s soaking in a hot bath, doing a yoga class or reading a book.
  4. Limit the amount of alcohol you drink and if you are a smoker, now is the time to quit!
  5. Manuka Honey. This is one of our favourite body boosters. With unique antifungal and antibacterial properties, this honey can be used daily to aid optimum health or solely to treat a range of symptoms.
What is Manuka Honey?
When bees collect pollen from Manuka and Kanuka – New Zealand’s version of tea tree – they infuse their honey with the plants’ healing properties.
East Cape Manuka Honey is produced on Maori tribal lands in the heart of the North Island’s East Cape – an area with one of the largest concentrations of Manuka trees in the country. The high triketone East Cape variety of Manuka has been proven to contain the most highly active antimicrobial essential oils of any Manuka variety in the world.

HACT250-20 thumbEast Cape Manuka Honey

We offer three Ultra Manuka Factor (UMF) honeys - UMF 5+, UMF 15+and UMF 20+, each with an antibacterial effect better than the equivalent phenol solution.

East Cape Manuka Honey is tested and certified to have a specific level of antibacterial activity. It is effective against bacteria like staphylococcus aureus, a common cause of infected wounds, and streptococcus pyogenes which cause sore throats. It can also be used to treat acid reflux, diarrhea, ulcers and irritable bowel syndrome, among many other conditions. Externally it can be applied to wounds, burns, sores and scars.
Honey’s natural antibacterial properties can be affected by light and heat, but East Cape Manuka Honey retains its impressive healing attributes.

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Honey Bees: Letters from the Hive provides a wonderful insight into the lives of bees - hailed for their hard work and harmonious society. Fly through backyard gardens, open fields, and deserts where wildflowers bloom with bee expert Stephen Buchmann and discover the importance of bees on our ecosystem.


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Add 1ml of Pure Tea Tree Oil to steam bath or 3 drops to a bowl of hot water or vapouriser and gently inhale vapours.


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