Feeling Stressed? - 5 Stress Busting Tips!

Feeling Stressed? - 5 Stress Busting Tips!

1 Feb 2012

Returning to school or work after a relaxing summer break can lead to anxiety. Here are some stress busting tips to help you ease your way into the New Year.
  1. Breathe. It might seem simple but taking a few deep breaths can be wonderfully calming. Breathe deeply into your belly and breathe out slowly through your nose. Focus on counting your breaths to 30 and you will feel more relaxed and centred.

  2. Study Up. According to PositivityBlog.com, anxiety comes from uncertainty. Knowledge blows away uncertainty and replaces it with a clearer picture of what is to be expected. Whether it’s finding your way around a new school or gearing up to meet the expectations of your boss, knowledge is power. The more you know, the less you have to fear.
  3. Think Positive! Positive thoughts go a long way in reducing stress and anxiety. Become aware of your thoughts and switch the negative ones for something positive. Start every day with a few affirmations and you’ll power through it!
  4. Set Goals. Looking at the year ahead can be daunting. But if you set small goals - monthly, weekly or even daily – you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment and find it easier to manage your time.
  5. Relax. Whether it’s reading a book, taking a walk or having a long hot bath (don’t forget to add some tea tree oil!), incorporating a form of relaxation into your daily routine is essential to well being.

beat procrastinationEbook:

Procrastination is the thief of time. We are all guilty of failing to meet our New Year’s resolutions or wasting time doing things that aren’t important. Procrastination eats away at our goals and dreams. But it doesn’t have to. The e-book Beating Procrastination offers a comprehensive guide on how to expose and eliminate procrastination from your life.  2012 is the year to set yourself on the road to success by beating procrastination once and for all! Imagine how much you could achieve.


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Sorbolene-Cream 550Sensitive Skin:

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