Pet Therapy

... why we love our four-legged friends and some great ideas for keeping their coats in top condition.
New Zealand is a nation of pet lovers with 68 percent of households owning at least one animal. Cats are the most popular while our canine companions come in at a close second. One thing’s certain, our furry friends have a phenomenal effect on us. Studies have shown time and time again that animals have the ability to reduce stress levels, improve health and generally boost happiness!

meercatAnimals are being increasingly used in hospitals, prisons, aged and disability care to improve people’s wellbeing.

At a children’s hospital in Ecuador dogs are now brought in for weekly visits – and yes, they’re allowed on the beds - because they have such a profoundly positive influence on children suffering from cancer. Observation showed that chemotherapy and other invasive treatments had less impact on the children who had contact with the dogs.

At Melbourne’s Royal Children’s Hospital, they’ve introduced meerkats for the same therapeutic purposes.
Clinical studies have shown that interacting with animals can increase people’s level of oxytocin – a powerful hormone which helps us feel happy and safe, encouraging our bodies to be healthier and heal faster.
tea tree oil petAnd what about the impact our four-legged friends have on us mentally? Pet therapy is being used to help autistic children communicate better and enabling war veterans to integrate back into society easier. Studies have shown animals reduce anxiety, depression and loneliness. Some studies even suggest that children with pets have higher self-esteem and lower levels of fear than kids from pet-free homes.
Anyone who owns a dog will testify to the uplifting feeling of being greeted at the door by unhinged excitement and a wagging tail after a long hard day.  And taking the dog for a walk is a great way to keep fit and meet new people!
teatreeoil100So, in honour of our furry friends, here are some tips on keeping their coats healthy…
If your cat or dog has abscesses, cuts, infections, insect bites or rashes, dilute some Pure Tea Tree Oil with cold pressed oil and apply it daily.

One of our customers has getting good results from the application of Tea Tree Manor Cuts & Bruises Cream to their dog’s rashes.
Adding a few drops of Pure Tea Tree Oil to your pet’s shampoo will provide a natural insect repellent and leave its coat smelling fresh. pet conditioner 550
It will also act as a deodorant – great if your pooch tends to get a bit pongy!

Alternatively, treat your pet with our beautiful Tea Tree Oil infused coat conditioner. It will repel insects and leave your furry friend smelling great.
A local cattery uses Tea Tree Manor Tea Tree Kleen as a disinfectant with great success.

To prevent fleas and insects in your house, mix 20mls of Pure Tea Tree Oil  with 400ml of clean water and spray around foundations, windows, doorways, kennels and other areas frequented by dogs and cats. Inside, use as a mist spray around the kitchen, linen and laundry cupboards as well as under furniture, stoves, refrigerators, hot water systems and around the edges of carpets and skirting boards.

Click here to share feedback via Facebook  telling us your experiences with  what / how you have used tea tree oils based products for your pets.

TOPDOGThinking of getting a dog or need help training your canine companion? The e-book “How to be a Top Dog Owner” offers excellent tips on everything from choosing the right breed to integrating your beloved pooch into the family pack.

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