Put the Spring back in your step

step... with our guide to great habits!
If you’ve spent winter hibernating, now’s the time to climb out of your jammies and throw on a tracksuit! The warmer months are ideal for developing good habits and sticking with them. Get in shape, eat healthy, take up a hobby, try something new – even if you’ve become a bonafide couch potato, you can put the spring back in your step with some of these simple tips on creating good habits…
  1. Take a break. It might not sound conducive to a life-changing regime, but recharging the batteries and hitting the refresh button can be a fantastic way to launch into a new mode of life. Get away for a few days of rest and restoration. Spend some time re-evaluating your life… and when you get back home hit the ground running!
  2. So you’ve become a bit of a hermit? Rekindle those social alliances and get on the invite list to some events. Keep an active social life with the following philosophy – get up, dress up and show up! If you feel like you’ve been left off the guest list, create your own. Have a pre-summer barbeque or drinks and nibbles and invite the neighbours.
  3. Try new activities – mountain biking, yoga, kayaking. If it appeals, give it a go! You may surprise yourself and discover a new passion which provides a great way to get fit and meet other people.
  4. Get up early. Go to bed early – okay, not so easy if you’re being a social butterfly, but remember balance is key. You can still attend functions without hitting the hay at 3 o’clock in the morning! Try and get eight hours of sleep a night and rise in time to make the most of every day.
  5. Eat healthy. Most of us tend to gain a bit of weight during winter. It’s natural to crave comfort food when it’s cold outside. But all those baked potatoes, roast chickens and hot chocolates can take their toll. Switch to servings of vegetables, fruit and fish. Your body will thank you for it.
teatreeoil100During winter when it’s cold and dark outside, it’s easy to feel a bit down. Seasonal Affective Disorder – also known as SAD or the winter blues - affects up to half a million Kiwis every year. If you’re feeling low, Tea-Tree-Oil-50ml 20 smldab a reasonable concentration of Pure Tea Tree Oil on your wrists and inhale every now and again. It will lift your spirits and revive your senses.

If you have sensitive skin, try our Tea Tree Oil 20% blend. Made with canola, eucalyptus, wheat germ, grape seed, geranium and lavender, you can experience the antibacterial and antifungal properties of tea tree while enjoying the soothing properties of the other oils.

swimmingCarpe Diem! If you need a bit of encouragement to help you cease the day the e-book “Simple Swimming Guide – How to Live Your Life With Gusto!” will show you how swimming can transform your life. Dive into your new regime with this fantastic low impact exercise!

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