Repurpose and Recycle ...

Forget spring cleaning ...

Here are some great winter projects to help you transform your home into a creative wonderland!
Save money, help the environment and enjoy the satisfaction of a creative project by repurposing and recycling household items. It is easy to accumulate a lot of “junk” over time – much of which ends up sitting around in storage or being dumped in the garbage.  Instead of wearing the reputation of a hoarder or feeling guilty about adding unnecessary waste to landfill, check out these innovative and inspiring ideas!
  1. Recycle your old blankets, towels, sheets and clothes by donating them to a community store, clothing bin or animal shelter!
  2. Reuse coffee grinds by putting them in the garden – and instead of throwing away seeds from fruit, try your hand at propagation.
  3. Use old cans and tea canisters to grow indoor herbs or as cool pen holders.
  4. Cut up scraps of old paper and make your own note pads.
  5. Cover a flat cookie tray with fabric to create a funky magnetic board.
  6. An old garden rake head can be turned upside down and pinned to the wall to hold necklaces or ties.
Coming up with clever ideas for repurposing household items is all about being creative – a hanging fruit basket can make a great storage device; an old bicycle tyre can be transformed into a photograph holder. Alternatively, check out some neat ideas here.

And now for the big stuff…
Try your hand at repurposing or revamping wooden objects instead of throwing them away or replacing them. An old bed headboard can be transformed into a neat chalkboard or an unused door makes a fantastic rustic coffee table.

RefinishingWoodFurniture 2Ebook:
Dust off that old wooden desk you’ve got in storage. With the wonderful e-book Refinishing Your Wood Furniture you’ll be able to give it a new lease on life. If you no longer have space for it – sell it to someone who does.


teatreeoil100 thumbSplinters!!

Of course, working with wood can lead to splinters so make sure you have some undiluted Pure Tea Tree Oil on hand. 

Simply apply it to the affected area with a cotton bud before and after removal to aid healing and prevent infection.

Tea Tree-Kleen:

Tea-Tree-Kleen 1 And when you’ve finished your creative overhaul, disinfect and clean your house with Tea Tree-Kleen. This wonderful multi-purpose cleaner comes in a convenient spray bottle and is safe to use on all surfaces.

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