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Check out our tips on giving your home a new lease of life!

declutteringA cluttered home doesn’t just look bad – according to scientists it can damage your mental health! It’s officially time to get rid of any unnecessary detritus and indulge in a spring clean. Don’t know where to start? Check out these tips on refreshing and reinvigorating your house for the glorious summer months ahead…

Even if you’re not tripping over cardboard boxes, you may find your cupboards are jam packed with things you no longer need or which have passed their expiry dates. Clearing out the old and making way for the new is a great way to give yourself a new lease on life!

So here’s how:
Formulate a plan
Write down what areas of the house need your attention and what you want to achieve e.g. sort out the bric-a-brac stored in the garage and sell anything no longer used; clean the pantry and label all the jars; organise the office with a clear filing system.

Declutter before you clean
Before you bust out the feather duster, clear away anything which needs to be recycled, donated, sold, or binned. It will be much easier to clean properly without excess junk lying around.

Create a memory box
Create a beautiful box for items which hold huge sentimental value and which you wish to keep as memory keepsakes. Then discard the rest! This will help prevent you from hoarding too Tea-Tree-Kleen 550much unnecessary stuff and let’s face it – if you haven’t used something in a year, you’re unlikely to.

Use natural cleaning products
Natural cleaning products are better for you, your family and the environment. Our Tea Tree-Kleen multi-purpose cleaner comes in a convenient spray bottle and cleans and disinfects naturally!

Do one room at a time
Don’t bite off more than you can chew or you may find yourself feeling overwhelmed and uninspired. Do one room at a time and the sense of accomplishment you feel will spur you on to the next one!

Make a profit
Got mountains of gear to get rid of? A garage sale can be the perfect way to clear away clutter and earn some instant cash. If you think you might like to give it a shot, make sure you’re armed with the right tools to maximise your profits.
YardSaleSecrets 2Learn how to get started on the right foot, build your inventory, prepare your gear and price your items for the best return, along with a bunch of other tips with the e-book Yard Sale Secrets Revealed.

Sharing your home with flies, ants and other annoying creepy crawlies? Simply mix 20mls of pure tea tree oil with 400mls of clean water and apply a fine mist of the solution behind cupboards, furniture, curtains and around the edges of all windows and external doors.
For crawling insects carry out the treatment as above then mist spray the bottom edge of all skirting, the base of all food storage areas, behind and underneath the stove, fridge, hot water service, air vent and drainage outlets.

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on how to clean and declutter check out these great e-books

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