Tea Tree Oil - Remedies from Nature

Tea Tree Oil – Remedies from Nature

(5 Jan 2012)

Pry open Nature’s medicine cabinet and you will find one key ingredient – oil of melaleuca alternifolia or by its common name Tea Tree Oil. Used for centuries by the Australian Aboriginal people to treat coughs, colds, wounds and skin ailments, the Tea Tree plant offers phenomenal curative properties.

Which Tea Tree Oil?

New Zealand also lays claim to Tea Tree Oil. This Tea Tree Oil comes from Manuka or the New Zealand Tea Tree, Leptospermum scoparium. For centuries the Maori used Manuka leaves and bark to treat everything from broken bones to dysentery.
The knowledge of these extraordinary plants was shared with renowned explorer Captain James Cook, who travelled to Australia and New Zealand in the 1700s. He used the leaves to make an aromatic and rich tea which was good for combating scurvy, a disease many of his crew suffered from due to a lack of fresh fruit and vegetables at sea. Captain Cook named the plants “Tea Tree” and gave them a boost by adopting their use among the European colonists.

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So What? – Show Me the Results

The Aboriginal people applied freshly crushed leaves directly to injuries and held in place with mud packs. The medicinal effects of this poultice were so powerful it helped combat infection in the wound and overcome the potential for further infection.
During World War II Tea Tree Oil (melaleuca alternifolia) was supplied to the Australian Army for use in the soldiers first aid kits.  It proved invaluable during an outbreak of foot-fungus which hospitalised hundreds of Australian soldiers when conventional medicine failed.   
Subsequent scientific studies verified Tea Tree’s incredible antibacterial and antifungal properties. It is now coveted around the world as an alternative to synthetic medication, offering healing properties without adverse side effects or environmental degradation, to the dismay of pharmaceutical companies which cannot profit by patenting it.
Tea Tree Oil is natural, affordable and has such a wide range of uses your first aid kit will need little else.

What You Can Do Now

In summer the soothing effect of tea tree oil has immediate benefits.
Mix 5 drops Pure Tea Tree Oil with 10ml of a quality cold-pressed oil, and gently apply to affected area.   Keep away from eyes

Alternatively, try Tea Tree Manor Insect Repellent and Suncream or Tea Tree Manor Moisturising Suncream

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