Oh baby!

storkSo there’s going to be a new edition to the family and you’re wondering how to enjoy the arrival of your little one in a natural way…

Here are some tips on natural baby care and sustainability!

Happy nappies!
By just using one reusable nappy a day, you can save an estimated 750 nappies from going to landfill. Your wallet and the earth will thank you for it! If you are using disposables try to opt for biodegradable ones. They’re slightly more expensive but you can stock up when they’re on sale.
Eco-friendly baby showers
A clean planet is the best gift we can give our children. Celebrate the impending arrival of your baby by holding an earth-friendly baby shower. Create invitations on recycled paper with a request for “earth friendly gifts”. Decorate your house using potted plants and flowers – you can give one to each guest to take home at the end – and natural materials like shells, rocks and bamboo. Serve nutritious organic and locally bought food and provide eco-friendly entertainment. You could plant a tree in baby’s honour or provide guests with all-in-ones for your baby and natural dyes to decorate them with.
Keep it natural
Babies’ skin is very delicate and during the first couple of weeks it is best to only wash them in water (don’t use any soaps). Your newborn baby may develop scaly skin on their face and scalp (known as cradle cap) or acne all over their body. Avoid the temptation to use products and allow their skin to find its own balance. When you do need to use skin care make sure you opt for natural and gentle products.

teatreeoil100Our Tea Tree Oil 20% is ideal for sensitive skin. Tea Tree Oil’s antiseptic, antifungal and antibacterial properties will protect your baby’s skin, while the infusion of canola, eucalyptus, wheat germ, grape seed, geranium and lavender will moisturise and nourish.

Our 100% Tea Tree Oil is also great for using around the home as a disinfectant! Add a few drops to some water and use it to keep surfaces clean and germ free.
Make your own baby food
Solids can be introduced to your baby at around six months. Making your own baby food is easy and economical. All you need is a blender and some empty ice cube trays for freezing portions for future use. Buy some local, organically grown produce – babies like sweet tasting veges and fruit like carrots, pumpkin, bananas and apples. Peel, pit and steam or boil as necessary. Then puree or mash thoroughly. You can add breast milk or formula to make the flavour more familiar to bubs. Refrigerate or freeze the remaining food for later use.
 Insect repellant suncream 5
If you’re spending much time outdoors this summer, don’t forget to use our Insect Repellant and Suncream. It’s non-greasy and water-resistant!

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