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The Natures Remedies Range include the following Brands:

teatreemanor_100.jpg Tea Tree Manor is proud to be part of the growing natural health and products renaissance and continues to develop an ever increasing range of Tea Tree Oil based products for personal, household and commercial use.

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alpinemyst_xsmall.gif These products utilise the mineral rich silt ground down by glaciers during the ice age to helm firm and protect your skin.
lanoline_xsmall.gif Using the protective oil found in sheep’s wool, these products will help protect you against the harsh environment.
lanoline_premium_xsmall.jpg 100% PURE New Zealand extracts to protect, hydrate and nourish your skin. Optimise the health and beauty of your skin with LANOLINE skin products.
Manuka-Oil_thumb.gif The native New Zealand Manuka tree is renowned for natural treatment of skin conditions such as athletes foot.
Thermal-Mud_thumb.gif These products harness the essential minerals found in thermal mud to provide therapeutic beauty treatments
wildfields_xsmall.gif This range uses Natural Pure Tea Tree oil and Manuka Oil, both a natural antiseptic with germicidal and antibacterial activity.
wildflower_xsmall.gif These products capture the fragrance of New Zealand - light, fresh and clean.

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Natural Remedies to try yourself

•    Natural Cleaning
•    Removing Stains
•    Toothache
•    Fridge odours
•    Removing Stains
•    Bites and Stings
•    Coughs and Colds
•    Burns
•    Shingles
•    Nappy Rash

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