Natural Solutions: Active Manuka Honey UMF 15+ (250g)
NZ $70.95

Natural Solutions: Active Manuka Honey UMF 15+ (250g)

Natural Solutions East Cape UMF15+ Active Manuka Honey is selected for its high levels of non-peroxide activity (UMF >15). It can be taken to help soothe sore throats and indigestion and or take a teaspoon two to three times daily before meals to help promote general good health. It can also be used externally on the skin.

They honey is collected from hives positioned on Maori tribal lands on the East Cape of New Zealand’s North Island. The East Cape region holds one of the largest resources of Manuka trees in the country and has now been recognized as a reliable source of UMF Active Manuka Honey.

The East Cape is renowned for its bush covered hills, its clean fast flowing streams and the rugged and natural beauty of its unspoilt coastline. The land on which the wild Manuka plantations grow is free of chemicals and modern day pollutants.

The high triketone East Cape variety of Manuka has been proven to contain the most highly active antimicrobial essential oils of any Manuka variety in the world. This unique variety of Manuka is found only on the East Cape.

Natural Solutions Manuka Honey is processed in a manner which ensures that both the peroxide and non-peroxide activity are retained. The honey is finely filtered to ensure that any foreign matter is removed from the honey.

The pollution-free, natural East Cape environment together with the care and attention to quality during the UMF honey processing ensures that Natural Solutions Manuka Honey is of the highest quality available. The company’s positioning in Te Araroa in the heart of the East Cape and its direct involvement with the local Maori community helps to ensure that the production of this special honey continues to benefit the local community.

What does UMF stand for?
"Unique Manuka Factor" - this is the name given to the form of antibacterial activity found in some Manuka Honey which was discovered by Dr Peter Molan (MBE) at Waikato University’s Honey Research unit. Most honey has some activity in part due to the formation of hygrogen peroxide. UMF activity is due to other natural phytochemicals present in the honey.

How is the UMF activity tested?
The hydrogen peroxide activity of the honey is neutralized with the addition of enzyme - catalase.The antimicrobial activity of the honey against staphylococcus aureus is then tested and compared to a known antiseptic agent - phenol. The test protocol was developed by Dr Peter Molan and there is now only one laboratory in New Zealand accredited to perform this test.

What does the number mean?
The number after the letters UMF represents the level of antibacterial activity of the honey against staphylococcus aureas as a percentage phenol concentration ie. East Cape UMF 15+ Active Manuka Honey has been certified to have an antibacterial effect better than a 15% phenol solution.

Why is UMF Active Manuka Honey preferred to other manuka honey?
UMF Manuka Honey is the only honey which has been tested and certified to have a specific level of antibacterial activity UMF Manuka Honey is more effective against some bacteria such as staphylococcus aureus, a common cause of infected wounds and streptococcus pyogenes which cause sore throats. UMF activity is very stable and is not adversely affected by heat and light during storage where hydrogen peroxide activity can be. UMF activity is not adversely affected by the catalase enzyme that is present in the tissues and serum of the body.

What is UMF Active Manuka Honey used for?
Many medical professionals around the world are having good results with the treatment of wounds and skin ulcers, many of which have not responded to other standard treatments. Research has shown it to be beneficial for pain associated with stomach ulcers and also to help with shortening the duration of and rehydration of patients with bacterial diarrhoea. It has also been shown to be beneficial for oral hygiene and as an energy food to enhance the body’s stamina.

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