NitWizz Natural Headlice Treatment Set
NZ $39.95

NitWizz Natural Headlice Treatment Set

BREAK THE CYCLE ...  3 steps ... 3 times ... 3 weeks

Treat - Comb - Defend

Step 1 – TREAT
NitWizz Natural Headlice Treatment Shampoo
Quick and Safe.   Head lice live in the hair and feed by sucking blood from the scalp.  So the NitWizz Natural Headlice Treatment Shampoo must make contact to all parts of the hair.
This treatment removes the adult climbers. 

Step 2 – COMB
NitWizz Combing Conditioner
Simple and thorough.  It is widely thought that Conditioner stuns head lice by blocking their respiratory tracts.  

Step 3 - DEFEND
 NitWizz Gel and NitWizz and NitWizz Spray
Fast and  effective.   A preventative strategy will defend against further reinfestation.  This is particularly recommended if there are on-going cases of head lice in your child’s class or peer group.

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